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About Us


Ultra feminine design - smart knits

We’ve created a cashmere dressing system to click into any woman’s personal style – easy day to evening chic. Call it ageless reality clothing: pieces to slot into your repertoire that make everything else you have work better while giving you the freedom to compose your own style.


E + J = Emanuela + Jane

Emanuela Calvi and Jane Cattani - we’re longtime friends with parallel backgrounds which converged in our shared mania for sourcing and wearing the perfect knitwear.

Emanuela, is Italian, passionate about art, architecture and photography and Jane, a British ex-model and fashion editor based in Paris. E + J is the result of all our style know how as professionals, mothers and super busy women. Since we’ve spent the last twenty years putting clothes together – day to evening, home to dinner, school run to fashion show - E + J is our way of sharing everything we know that works: interchangeable combinations of cashmere knits that adapt across moods, locations, events and time zones.


A Passport to Effortless Chic

E+J is the cashmere wardrobe devised by two style-crazed women, Emanuela Calvi & Jane Cattani. Our aim is to bring the very best Italian quality to pieces we know work for a fashion-knowledgeable lifestyle. Doing things differently, we believe in offering a personal, practical, made-to-order service: come along, try out the collection, see how things work together, and your choice will be delivered within three weeks.

For the cooler season we've designed cashmere, cashmere & silk and cashmere blend sweaters, tunics, dresses, jackets, leggings and scarves as well as viscose tops. ‘Et voila’: a complete flexible wardrobe for packing for trips, pull-ons for the weekend – with built-in double-quick evening solutions into the bargain.


Soft and Sharp

We care about enhancing attributes. We’ve been really picky about necklines, sleeve-length, how skinny the body should be; where the shoulder should sit and all those things a pair of chic women really care about.


Highest Quality Cashmere knitwear and the finest traditional Italian craftmanship.

The pleasure of an indispensable cashmere pullover that becomes softer and more beautiful the more you wear it.

Obsessed with the exceptional quality, beauty and sensuality of cashmere, we produce the collection in Italy’s Umbria region that boasts the most talented cashmere artisans whose knowledge and experience in knitwear is part of their unique heritage.

Quotes from E + J fans :

'I can say without a doubt that you really hit a winner with the blue dress and coordinated, but different, vest. The vest if fantastic, goes with everything, can be a coat or a sweater, has pockets, nothing fussy, can be dressy, can be casual, is cozy and feels nice for traveling, and is completely comfortable-no restriction of movement. With the blue dress under it, you are all set to go, from rather casual to fairly chic and dressed. It was really my go to, and I wonder what I will do next year if you don’t come up with another idea like that! And the colour (as well as that of the other same style dress) was great. Easy for everyone to wear, not black or grey, but not too bold either. Goes with everything you already have in your closet! And the knit was well chosen for both-does not move or sag, but both with a bit of texture! So there you are! I guess you can tell I really thought it was tops!'

Charmaine Donnelly, March 2017

‘E +J figure knits are so well cut and they never loose their shape.’

Caroline de Laurens International Communications Director (Baccarat)

‘I wore my black E+J sweater with that wonderful asymmetric neckline one evening. I wished I’d had a stock of them in my bag as I could have sold them immediately to all my friends!’

Luciana Avati

‘I won’t go anywhere without my E + J cashmere knit jacket. Its just so cosy and chic at the same time.’

Natasha Fraser Cavassoni, International journalist & writer

‘I love the modern, lean cuts and supple quality of E + J knits, plus all the wonderful colors. You want to own everything in multiples!’

Charla Carter, Fashion Editor, Gala and International Journalist

‘E+J looks are great for going straight through from morning to evening – they keep their shape and never fuzz.’

Fiona Da Rin Paris Editor, Vogue USA

‘Since I’m always traveling I adore E + J knits because they provide just the right chic to get me through meetings and evening dates on every trip.’

Violante Visconti

‘Jane - just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying my purchases!’

CD, E + J cashmere fan

Emanuela Calvi and Jane Cattani have been designing the E + J cashmere collection since 2006

Emanuela and Jane photo

Italian-born, Rome based, Emanuela Calvi, studied architecture, art, fashion and costume design. She has always been very active in the art world, working for museums and art book publications which she combined with the happy task of bringing up her son. Passionate about architecture and photography, she finds it natural to put her expert eye and exquisite sense of style into the task of designing the pure and linear shapes of the E + J collection.

Emanuela and Jane photo

Born in Britain, of Paris adoption, Jane Cattani has always been a great fashionista. She studied at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris before embarking on her first career as a model. She then went on to work as communications director for Sonia Rykiel then Christian Dior followed by a step over to American Harpers Bazaar as European Editor, all while raising her children.
After several years as a freelance fashion editor and stylist, contributing to numerous international magazines, she is currently a fashion consultant and lecturer. Having gained hands-on experience in every field of fashion, Jane’s longtime dream of creating her own knitwear collection has come true in the form of E +J.

Photographer homepage : Mélanie Rey